… with my money i work miracles … what do you do with yours?

… on October 12, 2014 i received a friend request that now allows me to work miracles. i know, you think i’m crazy, but that’s ok.  i can show you how to work miracles too, if you want.  i’m just fulfilling a promise that i was given.  let me explain.

… first, let me say that i am a believer in the Jesus Christ of the Bible, and a student of it’s teachings.  i would say that i am a ‘Christian’ but i have come to despise what that word has come to mean.  it’s like Ghandi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

… within the pages of the Bible is the promise that believers would be able to do “the same works … and even greater works” than Jesus Himself.  anyone who has read any of the gospels knows that Jesus did miracles.  it was kind of ‘His thing.’  for 3 years He went about doing miracles and standing up to the ‘religious-right’ of His day, the ruling class, the “christian” Democrats and Republicans – sorry, i meant the Sadducees and Pharisees…

.. i have been a believer, to one extent or another, for almost 40 years, so if i keep saying this stuff is true, Jesus words should be being fulfilled in my life, or He becomes just another false prophet.  but i’m getting ahead of myself.

… so back to my friend request.  i received a friend request from a public school teacher in Pakistan.  i don’t know about you, but i’m just a poor guy from a backwater town outside of Chicago, so a friend request from someone like that is pretty cool to me, so i accepted.  thank you Jesus.

.. during the next couple of weeks, we chatted a bit, and i learned a lot about her true passion in life, which is working with the slave children on weekends.  every weekend she would faithfully make the trip outside of town to the mini brick making facilities outside of Karachi.  it has been reported that there are over 2,000,000 ‘debt slaves’ in Pakistan, hundreds of thousands in the brick making industry, hundreds in the particular place that she visits.

… this precious woman has a salary of aprox. $300 a month, but she lives at home and is able to save enough money to be able to buy the slave children little items like pencils and paper, soap, snacks, etc, on a weekly basis, and then around the Christmas holiday, she has a ‘big giveaway’ where she tries to buy the slave children shoes and a new outfit to wear.  what an inspiration to me.  a number of years ago, here monthly salary would have been ‘a fun night out’ for me, but here was a woman much, much poorer than me doing an incredible and amazing work.  i am not a little bit sorry when i say that NO child should be a slave – ANY COLOR – ANY RACE – ANY RELIGION – and in my opinion, neither should their parents.

.. i had recently set up a gofundme account for another friend who works with an orphanage, so i though it would be a cool idea to set up one for this dear woman, to see if i could help get her a little more money, so on November 3rd, 2014 i set up a gofundme to help raise some money to help the slave children get some things that i would call necessities, and maybe even something ‘extravagant’ – like a piece of cake.  anyways, as of this writing, i have managed to raise a whopping $313.  if only i had a dying dog, or i was fired for being a racist, then maybe i could raise $1,000 or more in the 2+ year period i have kept it going.  anyways, i digress.

… as it so happens, i had just registered the domain name iampoorandneedy.org a couple of weeks before i received the friend request, and i had a domain that ‘wasn’t really doing anything’.  the name “i am poor and needy” comes from the Psalms of David. actually 4 Psalms of David, to be precise. Psalm 40:17; 70:5; 86:1; 108:22. so on November 10th, 2014, i set up a webpage called “Brickmaker Childrens Blessing” to bring awareness and try to promote the gofundme for the slave children.

… well, we were able to scrape up $1,000 to send for the slave children on December 13, and then 2 days later, another dear lady in my state, contacted me to see how they could send $200 without having to give by CC through the internet, so she mailed me a check, which i was able to send on the 18th and on December 28th i received the most incredible photos of the most beautiful people i have ever seen.  my eyes are flooding with tears as i look at them again now.

.. you are welcome to see all those photos in a gallery i made here.

… the friend who sent the $200, sent some more money, which i passed on, and i New Year’s Day i received this message through Facebook.

“I have some more photos to send you . We bought Christmas cakes for poor families . Some of them never seen cakes and some tasted first time in their lives I will try to send you photos tomorrow.”

.. a couple of weeks later she came to me with a crazy idea.  she told me she still had a few hundred dollars left, and wondered if i would mind if she used it to pay off the debt of a particular family and set them free.  i asked her how much was owed and she told me the family owed just over $400.  i found out the family had been slaves for 4 generations, ever since ‘great-grandpa’ borrowed money to keep the family together when Pakistan and India split in 1947.  a slave family is considered ‘lucky’ if they can make $2.00 a day, so you can imagine how long it would take to save $400.  i told her a resounding YES!  YES!  YES! and we entered the slave buying business.

… this incredible woman pays the rent on a house for a couple of months, puts food in the house, arranges to set the man of the house in a business that will support his family, and THEN goes and pays off the debt and transports the family to their new life of freedom.


.. . at this point you may wonder what the heck i’m talking about, and if so let me explain it to you.  the family of 4 generations of slaves has known since the day they are born, that they will spend their entire lives in slavery, in the brick factory making bricks.  it is their ‘lot in life’.  if you don’t think that they have thanked God every day since their freedom for the absolute miracle that took place in their life, i don’t know what to say, but i know that there are over 50 people that thank the LORD for me and the miracle that He did through my weak hands.

.. 50 you say?  yep.  on February 18th, 2015 we bought and set free our first slave family.  by our first anniversary we had freed another 6 families.  in 2016 we had a kidney stone that cost us over $4,500 so our efforts were stifled a bit, but more friends joined in and we were able to free another 3 families before the Christmas time give away, and as i write this i am waiting word that another family is set free.  this latest family is a family of 12, one of the young girls has an eye that was severely damaged by the slave master, so i skipped our latest house payment to send the money as soon as i could to free them.  i will gladly pay the $39 late fee the greedy rich men will charge me for being a few days late to free 12 people.

.. so anyways, i and my friends do miracles on a regular basis with our money.  what do you do with yours?

… this is the first day of school ever for these former slave children…

… i’m sure there is someone within your realm of influence that could use a miracle.  why not be a miracle worker too?




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