… America is a gun …

.. early in the morning on the 216th day of the year, another gun rang out and the 251st mass murder of the year took place in the land that is known around the world for it’s love of guns.

.. it is still being somewhat overshadowed by the 250th mass murder, the 8th most deadly mass shooting, that took place 13 hours before.

.. the US of A accounts for 34% of all weapons exported around the world and there are 120.5 guns for ever 100 Americans.

.. is it any wonder the world says America is a Gun?



Author: orland

.. i was born into an average family in the mid-west of the United States of America. my parents were divorced when i was young. ... i have been fortunate to have experienced many things that only the rich get to see. i once stayed in the Presidential Suite of the Lai Lai Sheraton Hotel, in Taipei, Taiwan. this suite composed the top two floors of the Lai Lai, where my private room overlooked the city of Taipai. ... and i have spent time in the Federal Prison System of this country as well. ... i had a construction company on the road to 'success and prosperity' and fell pray to the lures of the American Christianity Syndrome. but thank the good LORD, He allowed it all to crash around me. ... now i am quite happy to be poor, relying only on Him ....