… poverty is a weapon of mass destruction …

“Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction that the rich wield with impunity.”

… nearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day.

… 80% of the world population lives on less than $10 a day. $3650 a year.

… 51% of Americans make less than $30,000 a year – $2,500 a month – $577 a week.

… one of our billionaires just spent $90,000,000 to shoot his very expensive sports car into space. ..

… why?

.. because he can..

… > 21,000 children die from starvation and lack of food EVERY SINGLE DAY …

… we are poor because we choose to pay off the debts of 20 slaves every month and set them free …

… they are rich because they think that they are gods and have the right to live like gods while so much of the world is in misery …

… who do you want to be like?  the man rich enough to send his money off into space for fun?

.. or a Man Who chose to live his life in poverty, so that many could be made rich?




“For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich.” (2 Corinthians 8:9, ESV)

Falling Fruit – Food to share – #FoodIsFree

… a few years ago i had invited a homeless man i had met from Columbia, South Carolina, to come and stay with us for a month.  i had been a friend of his on Facebook for a while, and i had heard that he was having problems with his leg.  during his time with us, we worked on a concept he had come up with towards a sustainable solution to homelessness that he called HomelessEcoville.

.. it was during his visit that i thought about putting a share garden in the front of our house, between the sidewalk and the street.  in 2007 i changed the back yard into orchard and garden, and we have many people that come to the door looking for food, but i was aware that there were others who are going without that would never come to the door to ask, so the idea of a share garden where people could just help themselves was appealing.  i used to be a contractor, and i had enough left over cinder block in the back yard to create a garden a little over 4′ x 19′.   i planted strawberries around the outside perimeter and various other fruits, vegetables, and spices in the middle.


… at the end of our street is a city pool and on the other side of our house there are many apartments and low rent housing buildings and during the first summer, it was wonderful to be able to talk to the children on the way to the pool and share cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and strawberries with them.  i was even able to give one child a big bag of potatoes that came out of the same little garden.

… in the winter i cover the garden with plastic and i am able to grow things like kale, lettuce and spinach through a good portion of the winter months here in Central Virginia.  in the spring, the plastic cover allows me to get an early start on the early spring vegetables as well.


… in January and February different neighbors kept telling me about a new place that opened up at the end of our park in an old warehouse called RVA Createspace™ and how the man who started it was a real visionary who was starting an urban/community garden as well as being the founder of Carverponics™, teaching children all about hydroponic systems and about where food comes from.

… near the end of March i finally was able to meet the man i had heard so much about, Mr. Arthur Kay, and i found that the kind words just scratched the surface of how incredible a person he truly is.  before too long, i was taking classes on web-design and participating in workshops on ‘working with bamboo’, ‘vermicomposting’, and a ‘Dr. Kratke hydroponics workshop’ as well as working in their urban garden.  in getting to know Arthur, i found out he was interested in, and working on, geo-mapping which was something i had not heard of before.  it peaked my curiosity and in July i stumbled upon a website called Falling Fruit, which is a geo map of the world showing where food is growing and available for foraging.  their website says,

“Falling Fruit is built by and for foragers – we want it to be the best tool available to the contemporary forager.”

… so i registered our house and land with our available foods.


… well, on Thursday of last week i got a knock on the door from a reporter at local NBC 12 who was doing a story on Falling Fruit, and wondered if i would give them an interview.  of course i said yes …

.. i strongly encourage everyone who has fruit trees on their property, and more fruit than you know what to do with, to register on this wonderful site.

… as to RVA Createspace™, the garden is doing great, and i am getting ready to go down and work with a bunch of boys doing community service in about an hour or so.  Arthur has become a very dear friend, who i talked into becoming a roommate and moving in with my wife and i.  we have both developed a deep love for the man and look forward to a lasting friendship.  every chance i have to spend with him, i learn.  i learn about amazing things he has already done in his young life, and i learn about lots of other really cool, or as my friend says, ‘dope’ things.  just yesterday he taught me about and let me help him work on a ‘dutch bucket’ hydroponic system that is growing tomatoes down at Createspace, and then he showed me some really cool gardens in the city i did not know about.

… stay tuned, i think i got Arthur convinced to help me redo my greenhouse with some hydroponics and passive solar – maybe active solar too? what do you think Arthur?


.. i am very excited about this, because the greenhouse sure needs it!

… so where ever you may be in the world, register your food availability so that foragers can find you.

…and if you are near the Richmond, Virginia area of Central Virginia, come visit my friend at RVA Createspace™and maybe come to a workshop, take a class or find a great bargain or unique piece of artwork at one of the monthly Great Big Yard Sale events.

… in an instant – 20 years later …

... i was 30 when i met my wife. i wasn't looking for a date, let alone a wife when i walked into that 'big church on top of the hill' where she was the marimba player in the center of the platform, but i can't say i even really noticed her. i went home after service and called my sister to tell her that i believed i had found a new church and before i knew what i was saying, i told her my wife was in the building but i hadn't met her yet.

... the church was starting the first of a series of 'new member classes' that night, and i felt i was to join, so i went. my wife just happened to be the lady who ran the new members classes and it was that night that we met and we got each others names. we would see each other in the halls of church and say 'hi' and i continued to go to the Sunday night before service classes.

... two weeks later we had an evangelist come and do a week of meetings. i really wanted to go, so i took the week off of work. there was a couple that ran the jr high ministry at the church that had been talking to me about working with the youth, and they were good friends of hers and they asked me if i wanted them to save me a seat for the night meetings. i did not know that she had already told them that i was her husband.  i said yes and i went to the morning meetings alone, but we sat together that week during the night meetings and became friends.

... on the Sunday morning the day after the meetings, we sat together for morning service, and after service i asked her if she wanted to go to the mall with me to buy a new tie, i really had a thing for ties and i really liked the ties the evangelist had worn all week. that was seriously the only thing i was thinking when i asked her if she wanted to go shopping with me. she said that was funny, because she needed to go to the mall to buy a birthday present for her brother.

... when we got to the mall, there was snow and ice by her side of the car, and i reached out to help her over the ice when i felt the LORD spoke to me and said 'that's where she belongs, on my arm.'

... kinda freaked me out, and i had no idea what she thought about anything, let alone about me, this guy she just met that had spent the last week telling her bits and pieces of my rather shady past, including the part about my 18 months in the hands of the Federal Prison System, and not a clue about getting married.

... we went in, did our shopping, had lunch and left.

... Sunday night service we sat together again. then on Monday i quit my job and had the overwhelming desire to tell her, but i didn't even have her phone number at this point, so i found the leader of the new members ministry's phone number which was in the weekly bulletin and i called them to see if they would give me her number. little did i know that my wife had already told the leader that i was her husband, so they were very eager to give it to me.

... i called her and found out she was going to her brother's birthday party, but we could talk after.  so on Monday night, February 5th, after she got home from her brothers party, we talked on the phone for about two hours, and then i asked her if she was hearing the same thing from the LORD that i was. she was and we became engaged and spent the next hour or so planning our up and coming wedding. mind you, still haven't even been on a real date yet.

... Tuesday night we went out to dinner with her parents, and i asked her father if i could have his daughter's hand. i did not know that my wife had told her parents on the very first Sunday morning when she saw me walk in the building that i was her husband. he said i could and then proceeded to ask me about my recent unemployment.

... Wednesday night church, Thursday night she had to pack and get ready for Friday night when i rented a car and took her to meet my parents in the mountains of North Carolina. still haven't been on a date.. lol

.. i think our first actual date was the next Saturday when we went to Maymont Park where i managed to squirt mustard on her nose and all over her white sweater while having our big first date meal of a hotdog in the park.

... on February 14th, (so i could remember easily, lol), i went to her work with flowers and a ring and officially proposed.

... on Saturday February 17th we were in the grocery store when my wife notices that the ring that i had purchased a week ago, and had given to her three days earlier, was no longer on her finger. she lost the wedding ring after three days.

... she asked me if i wanted to call off the wedding, which was planned for August 16th, a mere 6 months later.  as you may have guessed, i had no intention of calling off the wedding, and on August 16th, 1996, we became husband and wife.

.. and now it's been 20years...

... if you keep your focus on the LORD, He can completely change your world in a minute.

... trust me on this. lol

... happy anniversary honey. 

… making slaves?


... my body sleeps under the domain of the United States of America, Inc.®  i was born on land they claim, and so therefore i have certain 'rights' as a 'citizen' of this nation.  this nation claims to be a nation of laws all based around the original Declaration of Independence© which declares,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Declaration of Independence

... it should be of interest that this statement was written at a time when over half of the population of men, were either slaves or indentured servants, so they didn't count in the 'all men' that were 'equal', but at least the statement of their equality was something - or was it?.  and we probably should not ignore the fact that none of the women were counted as equal either.  so when the wealthy land owners in the land that was claimed by the Virginia Company of London, Inc.™ for the empire known as Great Britain®, felt that they were being mistreated, they decided to revolt.  this 'new' entity would be named the UNITED STATES, Inc. which the Supreme Court declared was an actual corporation before the Revolutionary War even took place. 

"The first exception was, 'that, at the time of the offence charged, the United States were not a body corporate known in law.' But the Court are of a different opinion. From the moment of their association, the United States necessarily became a body corporate; for, there was no superior from whom that character could otherwise be derived. In England, the king, lords, and commons, are certainly a body corporate; and yet there never was any charter or statute, by which they were expressly so created."  Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43.28 U.S.C. 3002

.. so, the issue has always been 'what classifies a citizen and what rights and privileges are afforded to a citizen by the corporation that runs this land?'

... and so the issue of the 'right' to healthcare has been a debate amongst our leadership.  some feel that firemen and paramedics and teachers are already slaves because people have the right to their services.  and so, if people have a right to healthcare, then we would be makings slaves out of doctors and nurses..  

... listen to how a doctor with a net worth of $2,500,000.00 and a Senator salary of $175,000.00 per year feels about the right to healthcare...

Senators Sanders and Ryan on the right to healthcare.

... simple facts ..

... it should be of interest that in America in 2014 the median household income was $53,657 while the per capita income was $28,889. so how exactly does the multimillionaire believe that giving a right to healthcare to people trying to survive on $53,657 a year, is slavery? 

... should my house be on fire, i have a right to call the fire department and have the fire department put out that fire.

... should i be involved in an accident, i have a right to call the police and have them write up a report.

... does that mean that the police and firemen are my slaves?

...  this is what a slave actually looks like.


Slave Children Making Bricks


... in America a doctor's salary can range from around $156,000 a year for a pediatrician to around $315,000 a year for a radiologist or orthopedic surgeon.  if we decide that we don't want people to die on the streets in America, and we give them a right to see a doctor when they are sick, like most of the rest of the free world, these doctors will still get paid those salaries.  i have not heard one person say that doctors would have to work for free - they still would make 3x to 6x what an average whole household makes.

.. the child in the video, who physically works harder than any doctor, makes about $1 a day or a whopping $250 a year.

... if you want to help us free REAL slaves, you can visit our other site:

Children Should NOT be Slaves


… children in need of food and clothing

… i have a dear friend in Pakistan who works with the street children in Faisalabad, Pakistan.  it is believed that there are over 1.5 Million street children in Pakistan, over 100,000 in the city of Faisalabad.  Fraz recently put out an urgent request for help in providing some of the needs for a group of 37 children he is working with.  he posted the following comments recently.

With you prayers and financial help, the Lord made it possible for us to bless 15 kids with clothing.  I have 37 Kids with desperate needs, and more help is required.  I still need an additional $400 to be able to bless the remaining 22 kids. They were broken hearted that we were unable to help them all, and it was really caused some heart breaking for me too. I am urgently requesting your participation in helping to meet the needs of these dear kids.     Please do not hessitate to ask, if you require more information.

you can give your donations online at:G2

… i have included some photos from the recent give away.

street children Feb 2016

… i am asking if there is anyone who can help meet the needs of these homeless orphans?  please visit Fraz at Child Care Organization, Pakistan and offer some words of encouragement.  and remember what the Apostle Paul wrote in his second letter to the church at Corinth,

Of course, I don’t mean your giving should make life easy for others and hard for yourselves. I only mean that there should be some equality. Right now you have plenty and can help those who are in need. Later, they will have plenty and can share with you when you need it. In this way, things will be equal. As the Scriptures say, “Those who gathered a lot had nothing left over, and those who gathered only a little had enough.”” (2 Corinthians 8:13–15, NLT)


.. my bride ..

Happy Valentines Day

For 20 years you have been a constant source of joy in my life.  I can not begin to tell you how much you mean to me.  I would not be the person I am, without you by my side.

I never cease to thank the LORD for allowing me to have you by my side.

I love you, my dearest Bride.