… what is truth?

.. truth is a valuable commodity ..

“But truth endures and is strong forever, and lives and prevails forever and ever. With it there is no partiality or preference, but it does what is righteous instead of anything that is unrighteous or wicked. Everyone approves its deeds, and there is nothing unrighteous in its judgment. To it belongs the strength and the kingship and the power and the majesty of all the ages. Blessed be the God of truth!” When he stopped speaking, all the people shouted and said, “Great is truth, and strongest of all!””

(1 Esdras 4:38–41, NRSV)

“The dead will rise, and those in the tombs will be raised, and those in the earth will rejoice; for the dew from you is a remedy for them, but the land of the impious will fall.””

(Isaiah 26:19, LES)

“Who has put wisdom in the inward parts, or given understanding to the mind?”

(Job 38:36, NRSV)

“For in much wisdom is much vexation, and those who increase knowledge increase sorrow.”

(Ecclesiastes 1:18, NRSV)

“… falsehood and not faith grew strong upon the land …”

“Who will give water for my head and a spring of tears for my eyes! Then I would lament this people of mine day and night, those of the daughter of my people who are wounded. Who would give me a remote lodging place in the wilderness? Will I leave my people behind and depart from them?
Because they all commit adultery; they are an assembly of traitors. And they bent their tongue like a bow; falsehood and not faith grew strong upon the land, for they went from evil to evil, and they did not know me. Each of you: watch out for his neighbor! And do not trust his brother! Because every brother will strike with his heel, and every friend will walk deceitfully.
Each one will mock his friend; they will never speak truth. Their tongue has learned to speak lies; they did wrong and did not give up turning to evil. Usury upon usury, and deceit upon deceit; they were unwilling to know me.
Because of this, this is what the Lord says: “Look! I will purge them, and I will test them, for I will act because of the presence of the evil of the daughter of my people. Their tongue is a wounding javelin. The words of their mouth are deceitful; he speaks peaceful things to his friend, and he has enmity within himself. Shall I not look at these things?” says the Lord, “or shall my soul not be avenged on such a people?””

(Jeremiah 9:1–9, LES)

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