… making slaves?


... my body sleeps under the domain of the United States of America, Inc.®  i was born on land they claim, and so therefore i have certain 'rights' as a 'citizen' of this nation.  this nation claims to be a nation of laws all based around the original Declaration of Independence© which declares,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Declaration of Independence

... it should be of interest that this statement was written at a time when over half of the population of men, were either slaves or indentured servants, so they didn't count in the 'all men' that were 'equal', but at least the statement of their equality was something - or was it?.  and we probably should not ignore the fact that none of the women were counted as equal either.  so when the wealthy land owners in the land that was claimed by the Virginia Company of London, Inc.™ for the empire known as Great Britain®, felt that they were being mistreated, they decided to revolt.  this 'new' entity would be named the UNITED STATES, Inc. which the Supreme Court declared was an actual corporation before the Revolutionary War even took place. 

"The first exception was, 'that, at the time of the offence charged, the United States were not a body corporate known in law.' But the Court are of a different opinion. From the moment of their association, the United States necessarily became a body corporate; for, there was no superior from whom that character could otherwise be derived. In England, the king, lords, and commons, are certainly a body corporate; and yet there never was any charter or statute, by which they were expressly so created."  Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43.28 U.S.C. 3002

.. so, the issue has always been 'what classifies a citizen and what rights and privileges are afforded to a citizen by the corporation that runs this land?'

... and so the issue of the 'right' to healthcare has been a debate amongst our leadership.  some feel that firemen and paramedics and teachers are already slaves because people have the right to their services.  and so, if people have a right to healthcare, then we would be makings slaves out of doctors and nurses..  

... listen to how a doctor with a net worth of $2,500,000.00 and a Senator salary of $175,000.00 per year feels about the right to healthcare...

Senators Sanders and Ryan on the right to healthcare.

... simple facts ..

... it should be of interest that in America in 2014 the median household income was $53,657 while the per capita income was $28,889. so how exactly does the multimillionaire believe that giving a right to healthcare to people trying to survive on $53,657 a year, is slavery? 

... should my house be on fire, i have a right to call the fire department and have the fire department put out that fire.

... should i be involved in an accident, i have a right to call the police and have them write up a report.

... does that mean that the police and firemen are my slaves?

...  this is what a slave actually looks like.


Slave Children Making Bricks


... in America a doctor's salary can range from around $156,000 a year for a pediatrician to around $315,000 a year for a radiologist or orthopedic surgeon.  if we decide that we don't want people to die on the streets in America, and we give them a right to see a doctor when they are sick, like most of the rest of the free world, these doctors will still get paid those salaries.  i have not heard one person say that doctors would have to work for free - they still would make 3x to 6x what an average whole household makes.

.. the child in the video, who physically works harder than any doctor, makes about $1 a day or a whopping $250 a year.

... if you want to help us free REAL slaves, you can visit our other site:

Children Should NOT be Slaves




Author: orland

.. i was born into an average family in the mid-west of the United States of America. my parents were divorced when i was young. ... i have been fortunate to have experienced many things that only the rich get to see. i once stayed in the Presidential Suite of the Lai Lai Sheraton Hotel, in Taipei, Taiwan. this suite composed the top two floors of the Lai Lai, where my private room overlooked the city of Taipai. ... and i have spent time in the Federal Prison System of this country as well. ... i had a construction company on the road to 'success and prosperity' and fell pray to the lures of the American Christianity Syndrome. but thank the good LORD, He allowed it all to crash around me. ... now i am quite happy to be poor, relying only on Him ....

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